2020 The journey alone…

This is a journey we travel alone and yet are completely connected. On a molecular level we are bursting with pulsating atoms of energy. We go about our daily lives feeling and absorbing many types of energies. Here I will be applying the written word to make sense of the intangible, wavering at times between what makes sense mentally and what the heart knows.

Many things can be a catalyst for experiencing our senses on a new level. A good book, a robin resting, a petal falling, morning dew drops, a beautiful song, a serene poem and even a painting that speaks to you. And it is the latter that I wish to investigate; the connection we can have with art. To do this I will be reflecting on paintings of mine. I plan to share my story, my struggles and thoughts behind the chosen artwork.

Interaction and feedback by you the viewer are most welcome, as each connection and interpretation is unique and I too hope to understand my paintings more by hearing how a painting resonates with you.

For the duration of 2020 I plan to regularly highlight a painting of mine. With more than a quarter of a century of artworks to choose from, the style and content will no doubt vary a lot. If you’d like to nominate a particular painting of mine for me to write about, just let me know. A full overview of my painting collection can be found on my website:

This is a journey we travel alone and yet are completely connected. Lets enjoy the journey that this new year brings.


Conquering Ireland…

On my mission to conquer Ireland in 2019, the kick-off is set on the beautiful island of Sherkin, situated in the south-west. From July 30th-August 5th  my solo exhibition will take place in the local Community Hall. Above are a sample of photos taken during my visit to the island last Summer. Sherkin has a tradition of being a magnet for artists and many of the local artists who live on the island will also be exhibiting on Sherkin throughout the Summer.

Art/Light Installation Impression

Especially for the Culture Night of Houten ( my home town in the Netherlands) on March 30th, ( ) I went out of my comfort zone and created an art installation with the use of simple materials including rope, wool, branches, neon paint and black light. This installtion took place in the passage way of a small shopping centre. Stepping inside the black draped curtains, an exciting and magical journey revealed itself, while soft Celtic background music set the mood. Due to the dark setting and blacklight / UV lamps, it was tricky to capture the installation on camera. However is a photo impression:


Final exhibition by Makeblijde

I’m currently exhibiting 11 new paintings in Makeblijde. This exhibition consists of 4 women artists living in Houten. My fellow exhibitors are Shuen-Li Spirit, Anja Grondman en Puja Sonneveld. To exhibition is open weekdays under office hours.  For a personal tour of the exhibition, please contact me for an appointment. This is the final exhibition at Makeblijde before they close their doors the end of this year.

Link to Makeblijde, click here.


Representation by New York gallery Agora

2018 promises to be a good one, with kick-starting the Makeblijde 2017 1year by signing with my dream gallery: Agora Gallery, situated in Chelsea, Manhattan. The collaboration includes taking part in the renowned art fair:  Artexpo New York, April 19th – 22nd 2018.

Followed by a group exhibition in Agora Gallery, May 22nd-June 12th. With the opening night on Thursday May 24th at 6pm. More details will follow. All are welcome.