Here are examples of paintings and murals created on commission for individuals. During the initial consultation a client gets to share his/her ideas for the commissioned work.  I then share ideas and give suggestions relating to content, size, colour, impact, style etc. A price estimate can be given at this stage. The price of the mural or canvas painting will depend on the size and complexity of the image.  I then create a number of sketches which the client can later make a choice from. Then with much joint discussion the final plans are drawn up before the execution of the commissioned art work. For an estimate contact me at


This client liked  both initial sketches so much, that they wanted both but then in a smaller size and in such a way that the paintings could work together as a diptych.


Mieke's schilderij

This painting was created from a combination of images and fantasy to combine the three elements of a Dutch sand dune, climaxing wave and an exciting sky.

painting Donegal (1)

This painting was based on photos from the client, taken at a beach in Ireland where the client’s husband proposed.


These two elephants dwell in a very small toilet. It makes quite the impression to open the door and be confronted head on with this enormous elephant. The behind of the smaller elephant is painted on the inside of the door, so one is literally going to the toilet while propped between the elephants!

African decor

With fond memories of her visit to Africa, this client wanted an original stairway reminiscent of Africa. This mural combines elements of the map of Africa, with the rock structure of a cave with cave paintings subtly incorporated into the whole.