Changing Times

“Nieuwe Wulven Bos,”, Houten, The Netherlands – Up at sunrise to paint this beautiful world!


If there’s something we can learn from this surreal new situation, it’s that we collectively need to do things differently. It’s a forced halt to life as we know it. We cannot continue with our destructive old patterns. The world, nature, our bodies, hearts and souls are crying out for change. We have forced this situation on ourselves. How long would we otherwise have kept going, deaf to the screams of the woodlands, jungles, animals and people around us?

Halt. Stop. Breathe. Breathe some more. Listen to the loud stillness in our hearts. Hear the silent screams of mother nature. Stop resisting and embrace the love and pain surrounding us. Welcome all of it. Little steps. Vow to do it differently. Focus on the flickering little flame inside of you. Cherish it and watch it grow. Then share your light with others. The smallest gestures of kindness, even a little smile or a nod of acknowledgement is worth its weight in gold. Spread love. Spread light. First step; make the change in you and in doing so save the world.