Gushing, flowing, twisting,

Your power can split rock,

Your beauty hypnotic,

Your sound soothing.


Refreshing, cooling, cleansing,

Thirst quencher, purifier, giver of life,

Running like the veins of the land,

Your stormy strength undeniable, sometimes treacherous.


As you dance and spill over and around all rocks before your,

Ever-flowing until you’re not.

Humbled by your power and godly importance,

If I listen hard enough do I hear your sounds

Make words or even just meaning?


Are your messages encrypted in a crashing wave?

In the deep tones of a gushing waterfall?

Or a gurgling stream or a silent lake?

Or in the pitter-patter of rain?


I believe you have the answers to my quest,

But unless I take the time to listen,

The answers will continue to remain

Hidden within your melodic song.


August 2020

Jaun, Switzerland


Olivia O’Keeffe