My Mother

Pictured two Summers ago  together with my mother hiking in the mountains near Castletownbere, Co Cork, Ireland.

While reflecting on the theme of strong, inspirational women in my life, I didn’t have to look far for inspiration. Just over two weeks ago my mother Mary underwent critical heart surgery in Dublin. With some 1000km between us, I texted her up until she was whisked away for the operation. When I asked her how she was feeling prior to the operation she said she was feeling great; “like I’m going to a musical with my hospital gown on!” I was blown away at how ecstatic she sounded. At such a nerve-racking moment she showed complete faith and acceptance of what was to come and comfort in all the  good wishes, prayers and love that were being sent her way. This to me was a wonderful example of a strong  and inspirational woman of which I’m very proud to be her daughter.

Do you have or did you have a strong woman figure in your life? Would you enjoy the opportunity to reflect on this person during a creative painting workshop? Then the International Women’s Day painting workshop that I will be giving is right for you.
Sunday March 8th (on International Women’s Day), the painting workshop is from 2-4pm,  costing 40 euro of which 50% goes to the charity; Cordaid Memisa.
For more info, see previous blog post.