The Whispers of our Ancestors

Stoop to hear the whispers being carried on the wings of a flickering flame,

Soar to joyous heights of a heart open to receive,

Kneel in adoration at the awe-inspiring detail of a single rose,

Raise up your defiant head against the destructive tide of envy and corruption,

Stand tall in the promise of a life worth living,

Confident in your task of giving.

Shine bright in your inner glow to share and be a beacon in the night,

Trust and launch your might at your darkest fears shape-shifting,

Be steadfast in the knowledge that hope no matter what is everywhere,

Scream out if you dare to feel alive,

This land is both full of ecstasy and of our ancestor’s ancient cries,

Go now and melt into the existence of who and what we are,

Longing to be reunited with our inner tribe.


November 2020

Olivia O’Keeffe